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Fruit-Full Features Blog

Gracious Giver

Have you looked closely at our Gracious Giver plate? There's a hidden message in the wrapping paper on the packages! The words Time, Treasure and Talents are woven into the design. Make sure that your kids understand that giving is more than dropping some change in the collection plate. It's about using your time, treasures and talents to glorify the Lord!

Don't Skip Family Mealtime!

Did you know there are multiple studies that show the physical, social and emotional benefits of family mealtime? Benefits range from better grades to lower drug use and healthier eating habits. You can add good character to the list when you serve your family dinner on Fruit-Full Kids plates!

It's Back!!!

Back by popular demand...the Fruit-Full Kids 2nd annual slightly imperfect spring clearance!

Sold Out!

We apologize, but several of our popular designs have sold out! Love, Joy, Golden Rule and Christmas plates will not be available until March 2016. Check back with us then to add these adorable plates to your collection.